Finding the right financial solutions has never been more important

The Global Financial Crisis and the subsequent market volatility have unnerved even the most seasoned of investors. Investment strategies for the preservation and growth of assets have become more complex than ever before. The majority of private investors are focused on career and family and do not have sufficient time to dedicate to the management of their investment portfolios. The global financial marketplace continues to face challenges related to investment performance, liquidity, changing perceptions of risk, transparency, governance, compliance, regulation and financial reporting. Sinclair James’ primary objective is to focus on the financial goals of our clients and give them peace of mind in their investment decisions.

At Sinclair James, we place the interests of our private investor clients first. Our clients’ ability to access professionally managed investment solutions should not be limited by their level of wealth or the relative simplicity of their personal requirements.

In order to maximise the investment opportunities for our clients and, at the same time, minimise the risks to which they are exposed, Sinclair James has entered an exclusive strategic international partnership with a leading provider of discretionary investment management services, TAM International.

The Sinclair James Signature Portfolio Service has been created as a result of this partnership and portfolio management for our clients will be outsourced to TAM International.

Sinclair James

Sinclair James

Sinclair James was established in Manila in 1996, and provides financial advice to expatriate clients across Asia and the rest of the world, as well as being a good citizen in playing an active part in the local business, cultural and charitable communities.

We carefully operate within a legal and ethical framework and strictly adhere to all required regulations in providing sound professional advice from qualified consultants with the aim of building lasting client relationships.

We carefully listen to each client's needs and preferences to help them select their best options for investments, education planning, retirement and life, medical and income insurance.

Our growing team is here to help you provide financial peace of mind for you and your family.

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TAM International

TAM International

TAM International is the international arm of TAM Asset Management and provides bespoke discretionary investment management services through strategic professional advisors.

TAM Group Asset Management operations were established on the precept that every client should have access to professionally managed investment solutions and receive full information transparency and real-time reporting that was once the preserve of large institutional clients only.
From its beginnings as the discretionary management division of a leading European financial institution, TAM has evolved into an innovative and forward thinking provider of international investment solutions

By attracting a team of experienced investment and administration professionals in both their domestic and international offices, the TAM group remains committed to providing exceptional portfolio management services.

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